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Our doctors have met with and observed many surgeons and tracked the vision outcomes of surgery done on their patients by a number of laser models and surgeons/surgery centers in Minnesota.

Most Experienced Surgeons


To help assist you through the maze of LASIK ads and information, we offer free refractive surgery seminars for you to learn more about the risks, benefits and costs. During a seminar, we review the latest technology and different refractive procedures available. 

After 22 years of experience with refractive surgery, we confidently recommend the technology that gives the best results with the most experienced surgeons at the lowest possible cost that will ultimately provide the best vision.

We provide patient selection, counseling and coordination, preoperative testing to confirm candidacy, individual surgical procedure selection, make recommendations for a surgeon based on the specific procedure and eye condition, and provide 24 hour postoperative care starting with day one.

Over the years we have changed our referral patterns as technology and surgeon experience evolve. As such, we are not affiliated with any particular surgeon or surgery center.


Best Technology

As technology continues to evolve, laser eye surgery has become faster, safer, and more predictable than ever. New laser models apply the laser beam in increasingly better ways to create a smoother treatment zone and better optics. Newer lasers shape the cornea with wider zones of clear vision (optical zone), which reduces nighttime glare and halos after surgery.

The Wavelight Allegretto (video on the left) is the fastest FDA approved laser that reshapes the cornea during LASIK. It only takes a matter of seconds to complete and is extremely accurate.

Recently, LASIK has had a monumental stride forward with the first ever FDA approved personalized LASIK procedure, Contoura Vision. This new procedure has outperformed every other LASIK procedure currently on the market. In the FDA clinical study, 93% of patients achieved 20/20 or better vision and 69% achieved 20/16 or better vision. Amazingly, over 30% of patients had better vision after LASIK than they had before the procedure with glasses or contact lenses. Contoura Vision has been brought to the northland through Eye Clinic North.

Z-Lasik (video on left) is the newest bladeless way to create the flap prior to reshaping the cornea with the excimer laser. It is the second generation femtosecond laser, which is much faster, more accurate, and speeds recovery time compared to its predecessor. Z-Lasik has maximized safety and precision and is included on all LASIK procedures through Eye Clinic North.



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Our goal at Eye Clinic North is to achieve the best outcome from every refractive surgery. By tracking these outcomes from over 20 years, we confidently recommend the best combination of treatment, technology, and surgeon experience to achieve the best possible outcome. As technology and surgeon experience evolves, so do our recommendations.

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